Data Protection Guidelines for Work Processes

The responsibility to uphold privacy permeates all levels of UP Dilimans processes and operations. Let us cultivate a culture of respect for privacy by conscientiously enforcing the following guidelines

(1) Be prudent and discreet

Do not discuss identities of individuals with those who are not involved in your administrative or academic work. Disclose information on a needtoknow basis. Do not divulge identities of staff, faculty, students and alumni to outsiders even to family and friends

(2) Do not disclose to non-UP parties

In transactions with nonUP people and organizations, deal only with authorized representatives. Do not disclose to unnecessary parties. Do not forward internal UP communications and emails to external parties

(3) Organize your files

Except for your superiors and coemployees who are involved, your work documents and academic records are for your own eyes only. When not in use, keep files inside folders or drawers. Before transmitting documents, enclose them in envelopes or folders. Before leaving your work area, lock your computer and sign out from your email and other accounts

(4) Use official communication channels

Do not use your personal email and phone for work or academic matters. Do not disclose sensitive information via telephone you are not sure who are listening or if you are being recorded. Do not save confidential or sensitive data in unsecure portable storage devices such as unencrypted USB flash disks and mobile phones

(5) Trust and follow the process

Follow the UP Diliman’s procedures and established practices. In case of doubt, do not give away information and consult your department head first. In rare situations that you cannot follow a procedure, get your department head’s approval and document the matter.

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