INFOGRAPHICS: Social Media Security Measures

Jan 10, 2023 | News & Updates

It is easier, more convenient, and faster. Social media sites are a great tool to connect with our partners, students, teachers, and loved ones. But social media poses a lot of risks, especially on our personal information.

With that, the Diliman Data Protection Office gives you some reminders to keep you and your social media accounts safe and secure.

Check this infographic shared by the UP Diliman Data Protection Office.

INFOGRAPHICS: Privacy Reminders for Faculty

Greetings! We hope you're having a productive and wonderful day. We kindly request your attention to the attached infographic and assistance in disseminating this important reminder. For your reference and distribution. Check this infographic shared by the UP Diliman...

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INFOGRAPHICS: Reminder on the use of UP Mail

Reminding everyone to use our UP Mail in all official UP communications and transactions. Kindly see the attached infographic for your reference and dissemination. Check this infographic shared by the UP Diliman Data Protection Office.

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Invitation: Unit-level Breach Response Team (BRT) Training

The University of the Philippines Diliman issued Office of the Chancellor Memorandum No. MLT 19-072, the Data Privacy Security Incident Management Policy that aims to efficiently and effectively handle privacy-related incidents. Part of the policy is the establishment...

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If you came across a video of a dancing celebrity but the face looks more like your friend, you must read this. "It's ok not to be ok," as they say, and it's NOT OK to simply participate in these "fun" posts. Check this infographic shared by the UP Diliman Data...

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