INFOGRAPHICS: Safeguard your Data with Smart Practices

Jun 20, 2024 | News & Updates

In line with our commitment to privacy and security, we have prepared an infographic that covers several privacy topics. As we enter the rainy season, we wanted to remind everyone of the importance of maintaining strong data privacy practices.

Staying proactive about these practices will help safeguard our data during this season.

Check the infographic here.

INFOGRAPHICS: 4 Tips to Protect Your Privacy

Don’t let data privacy issues turn your break into a cruel summer. Here are some reminders from the UP Diliman Data Protection Office, some you may already know all too well, but may still come in handy so you can be fearless as you enjoy your vacation. Check the...

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INFOGRAPHICS: Ensuring Students’ Data Privacy

In line with our commitment to privacy and security, we have prepared an infographic that covers several privacy topics. We believe this is crucial for our student organizations and their members. We urge everyone to take the time to review this infographic and...

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UP Diliman’s NPC Seal of Registration

In support of promoting transparency and accountability in the processing of personal data, the National Privacy Commission (NPC) issued Circular No. 2022-04 titled 'Registration of Personal Data Processing System, Notification Regarding Automated Decision-making or...

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INFOGRAPHICS: Data Privacy Reminders

Uhy, groupmate! Para hindi malaman ang ka-confihan ng ating personal information, may ilang paalala ang ating Diliman Data Protection Office. Make Your Mama Proud! I-share sa kaklase, ka-groupmates, kasama sa trabaho, at co-learners. View this infographic for your...

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INFOGRAPHICS: Privacy Reminders for Faculty

Greetings! We hope you're having a productive and wonderful day. We kindly request your attention to the attached infographic and assistance in disseminating this important reminder. For your reference and distribution. Check this infographic shared by the UP Diliman...

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INFOGRAPHICS: Reminder on the use of UP Mail

Reminding everyone to use our UP Mail in all official UP communications and transactions. Kindly see the attached infographic for your reference and dissemination. Check this infographic shared by the UP Diliman Data Protection Office.

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INFOGRAPHICS: Social Media Security Measures

It is easier, more convenient, and faster. Social media sites are a great tool to connect with our partners, students, teachers, and loved ones. But social media poses a lot of risks, especially on our personal information. With that, the Diliman Data Protection...

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